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      I like to travel, meet people, I love to travel. I am excited to travel with excitement of synthesizing and filtering the daily life of social life. I traveled to many European countries. Georgia, which is not in Europe except France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Ukraine, Germany and Sweden. There’s something I want you to remember, “Turkey really Heaven” …

     My favorite musicians include Farid Farjad, Sezen Aksu, Ahmet Kaya, Neset Ertaş and Yıldız Tilbe. I feel like you say enough melancholy. I listen to foreign pop and moving parts.

     My hobbies include playing the table, reading poetry and writing poetry. I have been involved in taekwondo sport for about 7 years. After my injury in 2012 I had to finish completely. In the meantime, I would prefer not to play football, but to watch. I don’t like watching TV, I’ve never seen a show in three episodes before and I don’t like watching movies.